Your employees are at the heart of your company’s success. Keeping them happy and healthy pumps up production, slims fatty healthcare costs and boosts office morale. The PUSH program is wellness incentives done right. It’s designed to be fair for everyone who participates and provides frequent cash incentives for reaching individualized goals. Backed by science and optimized through experience, our progress-based program focuses on the right areas of health improvement - leveraging the power of behavioral economics for results you can see.

Right Five Focus


Getting fit changes lives. Exercising for 30-minutes a day has an enormous impact on a person’s health and wellness. It can control weight, improve sleep, help the immune system, improve mood and boost energy. All factors that lead to a healthier, happier and more productive employee. The PUSH program offers tangible incentives to give employees that extra drive to improve their scores on our proprietary fitness test. 2 out of 3 unfit participants improve their fitness with our progress-based incentive program.

High Cholesterol

A 10% decrease in total blood cholesterol levels can reduce the incidence of heart disease by as much as 30%. At PUSH, we put cholesterol in context. We show each employee how cholesterol compares to the impact of weight, fitness and blood pressure. For most, cholesterol has a smaller impact on overall health. Those with concerning cholesterol profiles can really see the impact of good diet, exercise and, if needed, medication. The PUSH program helps your high-risk employees reach desirable levels of cholesterol.

High Blood Pressure

Elevated blood pressure equals big risk. Much more risk than high blood sugar or cholesterol. For people with hypertension, almost every heart attack, stroke and case of heart failure occurring during their working age could be avoided with well-controlled blood pressure. The PUSH program not only identifies elevated blood pressure, it helps employees gain control. 80% of employees with hypertensive readings gain control of their blood pressure with our program.


Smoking is a drag. It contributes to $97 billion in lost productivity and $96 billion in healthcare expenditures, costing employers an average of over $5,800 per adult smoker due to sick days, health problems, and low productivity. Through the PUSH program, you can motivate your employees to get on the right path to cessation. With a growing incentive balance, more and more will take up the challenge and quit each month. Over 25% of your smokers will quit and remain smoke-free with PUSH.


According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than 1/3 of U.S. adults are obese, which has led to over $150 billion in medical costs. Obese employees are more likely to develop costly medical issues such as heart disease, diabetes, stroke and even cancer. Part of the PUSH program is to motivate and incentivize weight loss for healthier and more confident employees. We tailor the incentives to each individual and provide modified goals based on starting weight. It’s a fair and science-based approach to weight loss. Nearly 2/3 of obese participants slim down, losing an average of seven pounds in our program.

the push score

When it comes to health and wellness, people look for a push in the right direction. But many wellness incentive programs are complex and focus on the wrong outcomes. This can actually lead to over-screening and increased costs. At PUSH, we make it simple.

We focus on five measures that are meaningful, measurable and modifiable. The Right Five areas--weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, smoking and fitness--determine an employee's PUSH Score. This score is a validated point system that's unique to each employee and scientifically reflects their risk for future health issues. It's a unique wellness formula that's easy-to-understand, individualized and rooted in science.

    right five focus

  • weight
  • blood pressure
  • cholesterol
  • smoking
  • fitness
  • push score


Improvements in the Right Five areas produce meaningful results for your company, your employees and their families. These measures affect current production and future health. From lowering healthcare costs and increasing productivity to reducing disability and preventing premature death, the PUSH Score comprises measures that have a meaningful impact on the wellbeing of your organization and its valued employees.


Both you and your employees want to see a return on investment. The PUSH program is all about measurable and verifiable results. Our PUSH Score incorporates only metrics that can be objectively tested to accurately assess improvement. This includes a proprietary fitness test that is fun, challenging and can be performed by almost anybody.


Every person is unique, especially when it comes to health and wellness. The PUSH program includes only measures that employees have the ability to modify through behavior change. It puts them in control of achieving their goals. And if for any reason improvement in a certain area is unreasonable or inadvisable, PUSH offers reasonable alternatives to ensure fairness.





The PUSH approach is simple: we reward participants for making verified health improvements. And we make it easy. PUSH offers convenient monthly assessment opportunities. We collect and disperse monthly cash incentives. And we connect employees to the right support resources to help them improve. The result? 93% of employees participate. 70% improve their health. And 97% are highly satisfied with the program.


  • Convenient, monthly assessment opportunities via worksite visits or partner testing sites
  • Immediate results enable point-of-care coaching by trained PUSH associates
  • Testing the Right Five prevents over-screening in low-risk populations


  • Small, but meaningful changes add up to big improvements & rewards
  • Participants choose what area(s) they want to improve with support from PUSH
  • Evidence-based approach that delivers healthy behavior change


  • Monthly cash payouts provide tangible, timely rewards that resonate with employees
  • Sizeable bonuses to reward verified incremental improvements
  • Loss aversion principles to discourage backsliding


  • Engaging web application enables goal-setting, tracking & communication
  • Personalized messaging designed to inform, educate & motivate
  • Employer-customized resources pages connect participants to the best resources to facilitate health improvement

Enjoy worry-free & safe operation.

The PUSH program is easy to implement and can integrate with any existing resources. We are HIPAA and ADA compliant, as well as fully secure. Our server link utilizes double authentication entry for staff, plus all of the necessary administrative and technical safeguards to protect your employees' health information.

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See improvements on a monthly, not yearly basis.

Real-time monthly reports on verified health improvements enable you to see the results of your employees' progress instantly, instead of yearly like some programs. We help you to monitor program success on a regular basis to ensure that your wellness investment is delivering returns right from the start.

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Wellness data can be linked to claims data.

Hard data on outcomes and risk reduction can be linked to health plan administrator claims data. We provide the information you need to assess the program's impact on costs and negotiate lower health care premiums.

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Fair for every participant, at every level of wellness.

Unlike some programs that marginalize those who need to improve the most, PUSH engages everyone. From the very well to the couch potatoes, we enable every employee to earn the full incentive by making small, but meaningful, incremental improvements throughout the year.

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Cash incentives drive behavior change.

Research supports the use of cash incentives as an effective driver of behavior change. PUSH delivers monthly cash payouts, tailored resources, and individualized messaging to encourage improvement. Compensation is put to efficient and effective work assisting employees in making real changes.

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About PUSH

PUSH is the first fair and effective progress-based health and wellness incentive program. The program leverages principles of behavioral economics to effect health behavior change, producing tangible benefits for organizations and their valued employees. This unique incentive management concept was developed by Dr. Greg Vachon, a practicing internist with over 25-years of experience in clinical practice and behavioral health counseling.

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