Positivity in the Workplace

August 23, 2017

Are you sick of the Sunday Scaries? Do you want to start saying “Thank God it’s Monday” instead of dreading the work week ahead? All things are possible with a little positivity.

Whether you are the employer or employee, it is important to promote positivity in your workplace. Working in a positive environment increases productivity, is more enjoyable and it carries health benefits such as lower blood pressure, lower heart rate, and lower levels of stress.

Follow our tips to incorporate positivity into your daily life:

1. Show gratitude

Let your co-workers know your appreciation for their hard work with something as easy as a “well done!” email or a simple act of kindness. Everyone enjoys being recognized for their efforts. By showing gratitude, you build trust and gain respect from others. Try things such as starting off your team meetings by listing off appreciations you have for one another.

2. Connect with co-workers

Take some time out of your day to connect with those around you. Ask about their weekend or take a break from your busy day to grab coffee with someone. Working with people you feel connected to creates a happier environment and in turn increases collaboration and productivity.

3. Set goals and reward yourself

Start small and build from there. Be sure to reward yourself for reaching even small milestones in order to stay motivated. Whether you have been working at your company for a long time or just started, it is important to continue to pat yourself on the back for even minor accomplishments.

4. Smile

Smiling is contagious. Something as simple as a smile can put you and others around you in a better mood. Don’t be the grumpy person in the office that people try to avoid. Even when you don’t feel like it, turning your frown upside down can trick your mind into thinking you are happy.

5. Positive communication & messaging

Recognizing how you are communicating with others around you is very important. Be sure to recognize your tone and how you are coming across to others. Constructive criticism is important for growth, but it must be done in a positive way that motivates change.

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